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Run 2

Run 2

Date added: 2015-06-11
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Use left, right arrow keys to control
Tap spacebar for jumping, key R to reload


Cool Math Games Run 2 unblocked promises to take you to the awesome tunnel full of pleasant graphics. Come to enjoy this Cool Math game if you want to check out how far distance you can go! This is a real test of your running skills, fellows! All you have to do is to run and jump over the platforms, be aware of the sudden impediments and dangerous holes to overcome all of them. The upcoming roads might get tougher and tougher, so, make sure you always keep calm and perform your excellent skills to complete all of them. The game features two game modes, runner, and skater. Well, choose one of them then head out for the long run now! Check it out at Unblocked Games 77! Have fun!

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